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SYCARR worldwide
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When you rent
When you buy

The right forklift, at the right time
Handling needs can change. An off-road diesel today, a front electric one tomorrow. The fee doesn't bind you to just one machine.

I always handle the same type of items
Outdoors or indoors, whether it is stackers, pallet trucks or other machines, you are sure that there will be no changes, not even in the capacity.

When you rent
When you buy

The amount of work is variable
Increasing or decreasing the number of forklifts is always possible.

The amount of work is constant
The number of forklifts you need does not vary in the short to medium term.

When you rent
When you buy

Short time, a lot of work
You face times of peak activity in short or seasonal periods after which, the forklift is no longer needed. Short-term rental saves you money.

A few hours every day
The forklift is a tool you can't do without. You use it daily even if for a few hours. A rental fee is certainly higher than a lease payment.

When you rent
When you buy

Heavy duty shifts
Your forklifts are subjected to demanding rhythms and need frequent maintenance. Long-term rental reduces the costs of frequent maintenance.

The machine works hard, but not too much
The wear and tear of your vehicles is within the general standards and the scheduled maintenance is sufficient.

When you rent
When you buy

You have other things to invest in
Tax deduct the rental fee and commit your resources on what you consider more strategically important.

The ownership of an instrumental asset is a factor that gives you security
As such it becomes an integral part of the company assets and is amortised in the years following the purchase, reducing the company's tax burden.

What renting and selling have in common when you turn to SYCARR

  • Our expert advice, to better evaluate the options and make an informed choice.
  • Technical staff, specialized in repairs, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
  • Mobile workshops, for urgent interventions at your premises, or where the vehicle is located.
  • An available fleet, with lots of replacement vehicles in the event of machine downtime.
  • A spare parts warehouse, always stocked and ready to process requests within 24 hours of the order.

Short stories on working forklifts

A summary of what we do for others and that we could do for you too

Azienda Agricola Tusini Giorgio

Fruit does not wait. When it is time it must be picked quickly. We rent the machines to pick it from SYCARR. They know the sector in which we operate and our needs.

AUSA C 250 HX4, capacity of 25 hundred Kg, triplex mast free lift, crate tightening equipment, 4-wheel drive, vehicle registered for road use.
IPIR - F.lli Zangheri & C. Srl

We have lost count of the forklifts we purchased from SYCARR. We got so accustomed to their professionalism that giving it up would be difficult.

Still electric and Toyota diesel with a capacity from 25 to 50 hundred Kg.
Impero srl

We entrust the maintenance of our forklifts to SYCARR. Fast, accurate, and punctual. Exactly what we need.

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for Linde forklifts.
Municipality of Vignola

Rental of aerial platforms for maintenance operations at height.

Platforms made available within 24 hours of the request.
Interpark srl

Reliability is crucial in our line of work, as it is for SYCARR in theirs. This is why our collaboration is destined to last over time.

This group buys numerous forklifts for their offices in Italy and Romania.

At a time when online sales and presence were still far from our industry, SYCARR had the foresight and the right entrepreneurial vision to believe in it. It is also thanks to its drive for innovation that today we are the number 1 portal in the sector.

We distribute a large number of vehicles through the portal.
CE.AS Carrelli

I am not saying that we have known each other since childhood, but we come pretty close. With SYCARR I am free to order the forklifts I see over the phone and immediately organize their pick up. What we get is always the very best.

CE.AS distributes all types of SYCARR forklifts in the Umbria Region.

Competent, attentive, professional, very practical and always punctual in keeping our commitments.

Pleased to meet you, we are SYCARR staff.

Bruno Migliori

Chief Executive Office


Elisabetta Migliori

Sales and rentals for Italy and foreign markets


Francesco Migliori

Sales and rentals for Italy and foreign markets


Anna Borelli

Chief of administration

Maria Lisetta Vicini


Mirko Donnini

Sales department Italy

Simone Ragazzi

Warehouse and spareparts

Ferdinand Kureta

Mechanical workshop and support

Massimo Albertazzi

Mechanical workshop and support

Mauro Oca

Body shop and coating

Our staff

Administration, workshop and spare parts warehouse